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Jonathan Wilson Delivers New Single “Marzipan” and Official Music Video

Jonathan Wilson has delivered a new single, “Marzipan" and the official music video for the track, which was created entirely using artificial intelligence.

In a press release shared by Wilson, he offered, “With my new single ‘Marzipan,’ I wanted to break out of any and all comfort zones I may have lapsed into as a writer, narrator, producer, or player. I wrote the string and horn arrangements for ‘Marzipan’ myself, and it was a pleasure to have these wonderful players put my melodies on this recording and into the gentle listener’s ears. I wanted a Walker Brothers’ ‘The Electrician’ string moment at some point in my life, that degree of beauty, and I think this gets me close. The song chronicles some of my life autobiographically when I lived in NYC in the early 2000s in my 20s. The feeling of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at that moment. Countering that with a deep dive into Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, and my early fascination with the Harry Smith Anthology during those years, I was obsessed. And, of course, jazz, which changed my life forever.”

Listen to 'Marzipan' here

Watch the lyric music video below

Stream 'Marzipan' here


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