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Radio Company - City Grown Willow

Release Date May 7, 2021

Artist Biography by John D. Buchanan

Texas rock duo Radio Company, featuring actor Jensen Ackles, produce an old-time sound drawing on the same well of classic '70s rock influences that informed '90s grunge bands like Pearl Jam.

Radio Company was formed in Austin, Texas in 2018, but the two men behind it had already been writing music together for nearly 15 years. Vocalist Ackles met guitarist Steve Carlson in the early 2000s in L.A.; they roomed together and struck up a songwriting partnership, remaining fast friends even as Ackles shot to fame as the star of the hit Warner Bros. fantasy-drama series Supernatural. In 2014 Carlson wrote, directed, and appeared in the rockumentary Different Town, which took its name from a song the duo had written. Four years later they decided to form an actual group and moved to Austin, where they compiled the material for what would become their debut album, Vol. 1. Inspired by everything from Motown to Metallica, the album, released in 2019, had a retro throwback sound combining Southern rock and outlaw country. With crunchy guitar riffs, Hammond organ, and soulful backing vocals, it featured a variety of moods ranging from brooding to celebratory. Recorded at the legendary Arlyn Studios, it featured seasoned session musicians such as Chris Masterson and Warren Hood, who had between them recorded with the likes of Steve Earle, Shooter Jennings, Lyle Lovett, and Little Feat.


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