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Yusuf/Cat Stevens Announces New Album, ‘King of a Land’

Yusuf / Cat Stevens has announced King of a Land, his seventeenth studio album, set for release via BMG / Dark Horse Records on 16th June 2023. Pre-order here.

The new album will be released via George Harrison's Dark Horse Records, and the final mixdown took place at the late Beatle's studio located in his former home, Friar Park, in Henley-on-Thames.

"We were very privileged to be in Friar Park," Stevens said, "and to be one of the first outsiders to enter that control room and mix an album. George Harrison has been an immense influence on me spiritually, from the very beginning. He pioneered certain thoughts and ideas, which stretched way east, and that was very important. If you listen to some of these songs on this album, you'll hear a kind of spirit of George."

Yusuf/Cat Stevens, 'Kind of a Land' Track Listing

1. "Train on a Hill"

2. "King of a Land"

3. "Pagan Run"

4. "He Is True"

5. "All Nights, All Days"

6. "Another Night in the Rain"

7. "Things"

8. "Son of Mary"

9. "Highness"

10. "The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls"

11. "How Good it Feels"

12. "Take the World Apart"


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