James McCartney and Sean Ono Lennon wrote a song together

Paul McCartney's son and John Lennon's son have teamed up to create an unreleased song called Primrose Hill.
Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon, one of pop/rock's most famous songwriting duos, are now seeing their offspring compose together in turn. They've just unveiled Primrose Hill, a song by James McCartney, co-written with his "good friend" Sean Ono Lennon.
"I'm really excited to share my new song, which I co-wrote with my good friend," said James McCartney on his social networks. With the release of this song, I feel like we're starting the process and I'm excited to continue sharing music with you."
McCartney said he was inspired to write the song by a "pleasant summer's day" during a stay in Scotland. He even had a "vision" where he saw "his true love and savior in his mind." He said the song is about "setting that in motion, and finding that person."

You can listen to "Primrose Hill" in issue 394 of All For One.